I gave a presentation yesterday titled “The Social Web for Early Elementary: Shifting Literacy from Individual Expression to Community Engagement” at Lorain Community College for a group of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers from Lorain City Schools. Below, you can find the uStream.tv video archive* of the presentation and my Slideshare show. Here’s the complete presentation wiki.

Social Web for Early Elementary

Thanks to all of the great people from the Lorain Early Reading First program who invited me to be a part of their Summer Institute and allowed me to learn, grow and share with them. It was a wonderful opportunity and experience! A special thanks to Dr. Kathy Roskos for continuing to open doors for me as well as Dr. Alec Couros who graciously allowed me to include a slide from one of his recent presentations in my talk.

*The audio cuts out at around the 10 minute mark but returns after about a minute and a half. During the presentation, I turned off the mic to prevent audio feedback rather than just turning off the sound on the laptop that I was presenting from. Note to self: fix that next time.