As part of the Akron Ready Steps program, I am currently engaged in a study of an e-book instructional model that integrates the e-book into the preschool classroom. This is a four phase study that will last the entire school year. We recently wrapped up Phase 1 of the study and debriefed our teachers on a number of aspects of the instructional model. After an initial read through, I am particularly intrigued by their comments on what they liked about the eBook shared reading experience. A short excerpt:

Mrs. Brodie

I like the computer.  The monitor is large and I like the touch screen.  The children like the e-book experience and it is a chance to share a book with a small group of children.  I think it is good for the children to hear different voices read the books.  I sometimes am able to get a hard copy of an e-book.  The children really like looking at the e-book and then the hard copy or vice versa.

Mrs. Campbell

The children love hearing the books read.  The readers’ voices really make the book.  The children like being at the computer and turning the pages.  The children also like the animation in some of the books.

Ms. Sowers

I like working with the small groups in the e-book experience.  I like being able to choose between automatic and manual.  I liked many of the narrators and realized that the quality of the narration and graphics is what keeps the children’s attention.  I like being able to push the pause button on the book so that I can talk with the children before moving on.  The pacing of most of the books keep even the three year olds engaged.  Some of the graphics are really colorful.  I like the words highlighted as they are being read.  It helps keep the children’s attention on the words.

Mrs. Taylor

I like the interaction of the children with the book and with me.  I like doing the e-book with a small group of children and being able to stop the book and review vocabulary words or talk about a subject.  I like the animated voices.  It keeps the children interested.  I am trying to work on being more animated when I am reading a book to children.  The children like the animated voices.  I like that the children can push the page turner button when it is flashing.  I like the highlighting of words during the reading.