I’m pleased to announce that I Education Apps Review has been nominated for a 2010 Edublog Award in the Best Group Blog category. All votes must be cast by noon Eastern, December 14. Winners will be announced shortly after. I’d encourage you to spend some time checking out the lists. Make sure to vote for your favorites!

While I can take very little credit in the success of our community to date, I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of educators. It really is the work of the community that has built IEAR into what it is and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the tireless work of all those involved in the blog. A special thanks to Scott Meech, who had the vision for what was and is IEAR.


EduCon 2.2 2014 January 29201331, 2010 2014 Philadelphia

Educon 2.2 has come and gone, but I certainly have not forgotten it. I had intended on posting my reflections in a more timely manner, but a few things over the past few weeks have kept me from finishing this post. So while I’m a little behind the other Educon attendees who posted reflections, I still think that it is worthwhile to finish this post and to contribute my thoughts and take-aways back to the community. Thanks to all those I was able to meet and learn with in Philadelphia.

Take-Away #1: Students own the event.

From the moment Kim and I walked into the doors of Science Leadership Academy until the time we left, I was impressed with how students were the center of the event. Dressed in their white lab coats, we were greeted at the registration table and escorted around the building to tour the school facilities. Along the way, our gracious hosts gave us a first-person account of the ins and outs of SLA. They started by providing us with a thorough overview of the core values that guide the learning at SLA. Students were extremely articulate in explaining the admission process, describing the types of classes they are taking, the schedule that they follow, the assessment methods they’re involved with and what they like most about attending SLA.

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Last week as I was browsing my Twitter stream, a tweet from @InnovativeEdu caught my eye.

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I have been using Adobe Connect for the past 3 years for web conferencing, sharing desktops, documents and whiteboarding. When it comes to managing virtual teams or conducting eLearning, a product like Adobe Connect, Elluminate, WebEx or DimDim is essential for fostering synchronous communication and collaboration. I have to admit I’m a big fan of the Connect, so of course I had to chime in with my two cents. Before I could get my @reply typed out, another tweet came across on TweetDeck.

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