Learning is about so much more than earning points and bean counting.

This post was brought upon by the needs that the #UAEdTech learning community have expressed, is responsive and reflective in nature and a model of the type of transparent learning that the course instructors are asking you to engage in throughout the semester. It is also a model of the type of reflection, scaffolding and re-teaching that you will need to provide to your future students in your future classroom.  

Over this past weekend, I received multiple emails regarding the Week 2 grading for Assignment 1.0 Networked Professional Learning. All of the emails contained some variation of a similar theme, “I just saw my Week 2 grade and I am just wondering where I lost points?” As I reflected on the questions being asked and thought about my response, I felt it would be best to address them in an open manner for the benefit of the entire #UAEdTech learning community.

I understand that the format of Assignment 1.0 may be a bit new and different from the other experiences that you have had in school to date. I also understand that it will take some time to get use to this style of learning. The points and feedback you have received to date reflect that you are learning and show room for growth. This is perfectly normal. If you’re a points person (I’m clearly not and firmly believe that we can assess learning with a variety of data beyond just statistics), the total points this week actually account for a mere 7% of the total points you can earn for just this assignment during the semester.

Do not look at the percentage you received on this 1/14th of Assignment 1.0 as a failure. It is certainly far from that. If you have to use the word FAIL, I hope you look at it as your First Attempt In Learning. With this lens,  you will see that you have 13 more weeks to show your learning and growth as a Networked Professional Learner. The points for the Week 2 assignment simply establish a baseline of your understanding. While your baseline may be lower than where you would like it, a review of the rubric will  probably tell you that the grade you received for Week 2 falls within the Satisfactory or higher range, so there is no need for alarm.

A few things to think about as we forge on through the semester. I think they’ll be helpful for you. Read the rest of this entry…


Kanye West 08

While #ISTE11 in Philadelphia, PA is almost a month past us, I have some unfinished business to take care of here on Raised Digital stemming from my trip to the City of Brotherly Love for the annual conference. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy; perhaps it’s because I’m busy; and it’s certainly so this post didn’t get washed in with the hundreds of other ISTE Reflection posts, I am now recording my thoughts and take-aways from the 2011 ISTE conference experience.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my ISTE trip this year. From EdubloggerCon, to my model lesson presentation, visiting, sharing and learning from all my colleagues and an enjoyable round of golf with a rag-tag crew of edubloggers, there were lots of great moments. The best part of it all was the fact that I was able to have my family with me. My wife attended the conference and came away with a lot of great ideas she can share professionally in her district. She and I got to spend time together, which is not par for the course when I attend conferences.

Perhaps the the greatest experience was having our 4 year old son with us. While it was challenging at times to haul a preschooler around the Philadelphia Convention Center, I was proud of the way he handled himself over the 4 days we were in attendance. To watch him communicate, create and explore among some of the top educational minds and thought leaders that were in attendance was truly a proud moment for me as a father. I know we had fun and learned a lot together, as a family. I have evidence.
Enjoying ISTE
#iste11 reflections (mp3)

For further review, I submit to you, my thoughts/notes from #ISTE11.

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