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Today an email landed in my Inbox from the good folks at eTech Ohio that I thought I should share. “Free PD to Go from eTech Ohio,” was the advertisement in the Subject line of the communication. Formerly Ohio SchoolNet, eTech Ohio is the organization that serves as the main hub of all things educational technology in Ohio. From the eTech About Us page:

As a state agency, eTech Ohio is dedicated to enhancing learning by developing programs and using best practices to serve learning organizations while acquiring, integrating and sustaining educational technology.

It is our mission to provide the leadership and support that promotes access to and use of all forms of educational technology needed to advance the education and accelerate the learning of the citizens of Ohio.

Since the launch of Ohio on iTunes U, which made Ohio the first state to launch a comprehensive statewide iTunes U site, eTech has really stepped up their efforts to provide a variety of ongoing PD opportunities for educators and administrators across our state. The collection of digital media objects available free of charge continues to grow each month. In addition to making these resources available through iTunes, eTech also publishes a monthly email newsletter where new digital media assets are highlighted.

This month, I noticed that eTech has also started to include links to items that are outside of the Ohio on iTunes U site. I found this list of “Podcasts for Administrators” to include a number of great links. I recommend that all K-12 administrators in Ohio and beyond take the time to view or listen to all of them.

Digital-Age Learning Culture

Chris Lehman – Presentation to the FCC National Broadband Planning Workshop

Systemic Improvement

Dr. Linda Darling Hammond – Performance Based Assessment

Visionary Leadership

Dr. Linda Darling Hammond – A Democracy At Risk

Digital Citizenship

Net Safety 101. WHRO, Virginia Department of Education

Excellence in Professional Practice

Dr. Scott McLeod – Can school Regulate Cyberbullying, Harassment and Social Networking?