I’ve had the iPad for three days now and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the device. One part of me is totally in love with the device. Another though can’t help but feel a little unsatisfied. As of now, I’m planning to write a proper review after my first full week using the iPad.

Today, I’ve decided to focus instead on a short post using the WordPress app for iPad. Download and set-up of the app, which is free, was really simple. If you already have an existing WordPress blog, you simply enter the URL and your log-in credentials and you are ready to go. By default, the 25 most current posts load into the app.

Creating a new post is as simple as it is in my browser-based WP edition. I’ve found typing on the iPad to be much easier than on the iPod Touch, however, it is not the same experience as you are use to with a traditional mouse and keyboard. It has taken me a few days to get use to typing.

One thing that really sticks out to me is the lack of a WYSIWYG editor. It seems like the WP app will handle HTML tags, but I’m not going to lie, outside of the bold tag I’m not sure how often I’m likely to use HTML tags during the course of composing a post.

Inserting images that you have stored on your iPad is a nice feature of the app. I was even able to take a couple screenshots of the WP app as I wrote this and insert them in the post. I think that it is worth noting that inserting images in a post using the WP iPad app places the pictures at the bottom of the post by default and does not allow the user to rotate the images. That led to the screenshots that I took in landscape mode to appear sideways in this post: (

So far I have a pretty positive impression of the WordPress iPad app. I can definitely see this being useful in a classroom. Students can certainly compose and publish text easily right from the iPad. Is it perfect? Not by far, however, I only see this app getting better over the course of new releases and updates.