21st Century Skills Ohio

Educators from across Ohio came together in Columbus today, as Ohio became the 14th state to become a “21st Century Leadership State.” The Ohio 21st Century Skills Summit was a day of learning, leading and celebrating Ohio’s dedication to developing a comprehensive 21st Century Skills educational implementation plan. The following are my notes from the day long event (which I took on my iPad using Evernote). Items in BOLD are my own personal thoughts, all other items are quotes or paraphrases from the various speakers.

Ken Kay keynote:

Lots of gray hair in this room. Hope the message isn’t lost on maturity;-)

Items Ken will address:

  1. Global innovation economy
  2. Describing the challenge of explaining 21cs
  3. Policy challenges
  4. 7 steps for educational leaders

Where are the jobs in the new economy increasing? Where are they declining?

  • Routine jobs are going away because the ease of digitizing work.
  • Non-routine work is increasing.

How intentional is our k-12 system about non-routine work?

4 C’s should be a part of every district’s strategic plan for the next 5-10 years.

How are we preparing young people for a world of constant change?

  • We must fuse the 3 R’s with the 4 C’s

States with 19th and 20th century jobs are the ones who are joining P21CS getting their kids ready for the next generation of jobs.

Librarians get it because they understand the shifts in information that have occurred.

Ken Kay’s 4 C’s

  1. Critically think & problem solve
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Creativity

ME: The days of stand alone content area classes are over. It’s time to begin the blend. #oh21cs

How do you take a system that’s designed for content knowledge and infuse the 4 C’s?

MILE guide is available to help districts assess where they are in implementing the partnerships framework.

Route 21 is online place to share resources of what is going on, what’s working, what’s not.

Video 21 is an online resource of videos showing what 21c education looks like in the classroom.

How do we build the next version of NCLB that holds us accountable for 21cs?

7 Steps for Educational Leaders

  1. Focus on student outcomes. Fuse the 3 R’s and 4 C’s
  2. Create consensus within your community. Have your BOE make the new framework policy.
  3. Get buy-in. Have teachers identify practices that already support the new framework. Have teachers create rubrics for the skills.
  4. Focus on 21C Professional Development. This work will not happen without investment in PD. It won’t happen without strong pre-service teacher education. How to we move PLC work to focus not on content, but on the 4 C’s? Prioritize the skills. Identify PD resources. Create PLCs.

21st Century Skills Ohio

Chris Corallo 21st Century PD Breakout Session

Created a TIP chart….technology integration progression chart

  • focused on the 4 C’s but before P21CS came along.

Taking 21C out of mission statement…why? We’re in the 21st century! YES!!!

Everyone always says buy-in from the bottom up, but sometimes you have to start from the top down and set the vision. Say very clearly, “this is where we are going.”

Offered variety of PD opportunities in “Leaders as Learners” for admins and teachers.

TIP Charts provided rubric-like assessments for measuring growth…seems similar to LoTi

TIP-C morphed into: Teaching Innovation Progression Charts  (version 2)

TPACK model is what put the TIP-C model over the top….

Designed 4 online modules for teacher PD:

  1. Research & Information Fluency
  2. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  3. Communication & Collaboration
  4. Creativity & Innovation

Until you start holding up district wide assessments at show that you’re teaching these skills, then you will not see the shift.

Reflective Friends – program that brings in teams of experts around teaching 21C skills that come in and watch teachers, give them a report and allow them something to use to measure growth. Asked the teachers who thought they were doing the best job at teaching 21C skills and then went in and observed them.

21st Century Skills Ohio

Christian Long – Learning Environments Breakout Session

We’re all part of a professional network doing any means necessary to seek the right answers and find the right solutions.

I’m a fan of schools, but do we need schools? Learning is the what we need.

We have to inspire learning.

Digital natives is not a term that I use/need. Soon every material object we will have will be woven with digital fibers.

The bar napkin sketch is one of the greatest technologies ever. The tool isn’t the point, it’s the tactic.

Agile…decisions we make to solve problems now. Real-time decision-making is AGILE

Video example: They didn’t wait for funding or permission. They did it there way on their terms. These are your students. They don’t have time for you to inspire them, they’ll inspire themselves.