The IEAR community is happy to announce the opening of nominations for the 1st Annual IEAR App Awards. We are looking for community input as we seek to identify the appsolutely best apps in the following categories:

  • Best Science App
  • Best Math App
  • Best Language Arts App
  • Best Social Studies App
  • Best Note-taking App
  • Best Art App
  • Best Music App
  • Best Foreign Language App
  • Best Teacher Productivity App
  • Best Administrator Productivity App
  • Best Web Browser App
  • Best Special Ed App
  • Best PLN App
  • Best Children’s Book App
  • Best e-Book Reader App
  • Best Educational Game App
  • Best Online File Storage App
  • MVP App
  • Student’s Choice App (Have students nominate)

The deadline for nominations is 12:00AM PST, 12/9/2010. To nominate your favorite app in any or all categories, please use our IEAR App Awards Nomination Spreadsheet. We request that you only nominate apps that you have experience using in your particular content area. When nominating an app, please provide the App Name and iTunes link in the appropriate spreadsheet column. We are trying to limit nominations to 5 apps in each category, however, if needed, please feel free to create additional rows to the spreadsheet.

Remember, IEAR is a grassroots community dedicated to providing high-quality information about effective app utilization in the instructional setting. Please do not use the IEAR App Awards as a place to promote your app. Any blatant misuse of the IEAR App Awards for monetary or commercial gain is cause for elimination from the award proceedings.

Get your nominations in quickly and watch for voting to begin on December 12, 2010. Also, remember to tweet and tell all your friends about the IEAR App Awards Nominations! Thanks!

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