Session Resources

  1. Download When Ebooks Go to School (Epub format)
  2. When Ebooks Go to School Bibliography
  3. Akron Ready Steps
  4. The University of Akron Center for Literacy


Thanks to Dr. Warren Buckleitner for inviting me to participate in the Dust or Magic eBook Retreat.

A special event bringing together  individuals with a strong interest in trying to understand children’s lit in the age of the touch screen. We’ll critique best practice, as identified by the 2013 BolognaRagazzi Digital Prize Jurors, and see what went wrong with the many less-than-noteworthy products to be found in the Apple and Android app stores. We’ll explore how to tap the potential of the tablet medium for:

  • Telling stories— to move beyond the page swipe and hot spot.

  • Scaffolding techniques to help a child move from a non-reader, to a reader.

  • Child empowerment techniques, to increase engagement.

  • Embedded reinforcements — ways to use interactive techniques to work with the narrative

  • Child authorship techniques. Examples of ways you can put a child’s voice inside a story.