This post originates from the “I get this question a lot file” and after I spent the time to type out a response, it seemed like something I should be sharing openly, rather than exclusively through a private email message.

Mr. Brueck,

You were referred to me by [name withheld to protect the innocent], the tech coordinator for [insert school or district here]. He assured me that you were the “go to man” who could point me in the right direction.
I’m a reading interventionist and in search of quality iPad apps to support our reading instruction. In particular, I’m looking for apps to support comprehension and vocabulary development for 7-10 year olds reading at first and second grade levels.  Of course, they love interactivity and game playing.  Any recommendations?
Thanks for you help!
My response.

Hi [name withheld to protect the innocent],

High praise to live up to right there. I’m not sure I can. With so many apps out there now I have a difficult time keeping up with them all any more. It was much easier in the early days of the iPad. However, there are some good websites/teacher collaboratives that peer-review apps that I can share with you.
This is a great one, and they limit the results to the TOP apps in each category. They are listed by age and category too, which will make searching easy for you.
Another good one. Apple Distinguished educators recommend the apps. Again, categorized and searchable.
Love & trust this site. Reviews storybook apps only, though, but a great source of digital reading material to use with kids.
I hope this is helpful! Tell [name withheld to protect the innocent] I say hello!